Skopje is the place where Macedonians, who lived under the control of others for 3000 years, finally tried to build their independence. Since it was the capital of a baby country that was founded in 1991, the priorities were not how we make the city a center of attraction, but how we raise the country. Only in recent years have they worked feverishly to add the atmosphere of a European capital to the city. Therefore, we cannot call Skopje a tourism center, but it is the country's largest city and the backbone of the economy. On the bright side, the most beautiful hotels and restaurants in the country are here, as the commercial center is Skopje. As soon as you step into Skopje, you will witness the renewed and transformed face of the city with the beautification policies of the city, where the state has just begun. Let's say right now, these are plans that include quite a lot of sculpture. 🙂 Skopje is known as the city of sculptures. Every busy part of the city is decorated w